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[Private Entry]

Last night was... Interesting to say the least. I still can't believe Lois and Clark are, whatever the hell they are. I feel like I walked in on a completely different dimension.

The one question I really can't seem to answer is why are they lying to me? Do they really think I'm still in love with Clark? Because that'd be stupid of them. Seriously.

I'd just like to know what kind of relationship they have so I'd know how to deal with this. If they're just fucking, although that doesn't sound like Clark at all, I could tell Lois I know; But considering they've been hiding it for months now, I don't believe it's just sex... So if there are feelings involved, I really can't force them to tell me anything, especially Lois. I don't think she's ever had strong feelings for someone before.

It's just weird to think that someone could be Clark, but whatever suits her, I guess.

I wish Lex would tell me more. I understand his loyalty to Clark though, so I can't really push it; That and the fact that although Lex was extremely polite and nice to me, I think his mind was far away, busy with something a lot more important than his best friend's sex life and my inane babbling.

But that's the thing about Lex, you can never really tell what's going on in his head and that can make him intriguing but lately, it makes me feel like I'm annoying him. I hope he is at least still opening up to Clark.

Anyway, dinner with Lex was nice and he was almost as relaxed as he was when we were talking at the club, I really like this version of him, but the atmosphere completely changed when I got home. It was so weird being uncomfortable around Lois, it has never happened before and dammit, I wish she'd just tell me. I turned down a chance to watch Sark with her because I couldn't trust myself to not blurt something out.

She needs to tell me, not the other way around.

Unless of course, Clark lets something slip. He has always been good at keeping his secrets though, so that's unlikely. I haven't seen him yet but he should come to the Tribune soon, we'll see how that goes.

My brain is going miles per second, I should use this energy on the article rather than this pointless entry that no one will read anyway.
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Catherine from CSI

[Private Entry]

Lois is hiding something from me, I know she is. She has been for a while, since before christmas and I have no idea what it could be. I mean the other day she even told me about missing her dad, in her own Lois way, but she did and I know how hard it is for Lois to talk about her feelings...

This just feels wrong and weird... I just signed off of the messenger because it felt like she was lying to me and I don't wanna think she is but I can't help it, I have major issues with lies. Erin, dad, Clark...

Lois was always the one person I knew I could trust to tell me what was really happening. I think I've felt that way since she told me Santa didn't exist and we saw our mothers hiding our christmas presents on her dad's garage... When Erin left, my dad told me and I just shrugged it off, then Lois told me Erin had left just like her mother had and wasn't coming back anymore, then I believed it.

Maybe it's just me being paranoid again, maybe she isn't lying and even if she's not telling me something (that much I'm sure), maybe she is just not ready to.

I don't know, I hate doing this to myself, this is Lois, the least I can do is give her the benefit of the doubt and some time... I hope I can do that.

Okay, going home now.
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[Friends Only] Little things that make my day a brighter one.

So I'm at the Tribune, mostly because Lois is at the Planet and being home alone is far too depressing on a friday afternoon. Anyway, there is only me here now, Steve just stormed out of the room but I thought it'd be amusing to post this.

Steve: Sullivan, what are you doing here, go home.
Me: I'm writing an essay. *motions towards open document on computer*
Steve: You can write it at home.
Me: I'm more productive here.
Steve: You're chatting with Lane, not working on your essay, you're not productive here.
Me: Women have the capability of multi-tasking. You're probably unfamiliar with it.
Steve: I can multi-task. *irritated and slightly red* Just go home Sullivan.
Me: Any particular reason you need to paper to yourself, Steve? Gonna bring a girl here?
Steve: *fists, reddens*
Me: *Amused* You ARE bringing a girl here arent you? Or is it a boy?
Steve: I'm straight Sullivan.
Me: That's not what I heard about you since, you know, that party during your freshman year.
Steve: *mumbles, curses, something about killing me and Lane* *storms off*
Me: *still amused*

He is too damn easy... I have no idea what did happen during that party, but Lois always uses that as blackmail so I figured it was worth a shot.

Btw, Lo? I think we were right.
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Anal phases, penis envy and other stuff

Just handed in my paper on psychosexual development, based on Freud's theory.

It was, if I may say so myself, the best piece of mindless, senseless, pointless babbling I have done in a long time. I'm sure Mr. Halloway will love it since it has nothing to do with what I actually think of it but everything to do with what he thinks of it. All hail Sigmund Freud! *sighs*

I was ready to write a real paper on it you know, had even started putting it together, but after a talk to a friend of mine, ha made some interesting points about me having to look 'outside the box' or something like that.

For the record, I still think most of Freud's theories are bullshit and that he was just a sick man, trying to cover up for his twisted, fucked up desires by making up stuff that'd blame his parents. He had many issues and instead of dealing with them, hid behind his psychoanalysis crap.

Of course you'll find none of the above on my paper. Who cares about the 1st amendment? And what is the freedom of speech again? Brainwash.

By the way, Dick? Thanks a lot for stopping by at the Tribune yesterday so we could go over it. I waited for over one hour! You could have at least called... And one more thing: K9 is not a classic!
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Catherine from CSI

[Private Entry for Lois] Lucas Luthor

Ok, this might actually be a good idea, to keep logs on LJ, as long as you change your password to something that doesn't involve "lois" or "rocks" or both together.

Anyway I looked Lucas Luthor up a while ago, right after the murder, and found nothing really interesting. However, my interview with Lex made me want to take a better look at his finances. When I asked Lex about Lucas bein a shareholder, his reply was:

"Lucas was given his share of LuthorCorp when he turned 18, the same I was. However, my brother doesn't find as active an interest in the corporate business world, and chose to sell off the majority to me, deciding to use the value given to him in exchange to pursuit his own aspirations. Last I heard, he had settled down in Rome, owner of a respectable under 18 nightclub."

I had found Lucas' address in Rome when I first checked him up so I knew Lex was telling me was the truth, even if his club was never mentioned before, when I took a better look into it, I found information about it and as expected it really us an under 18 nightclub. What I'm not so sure about is the respectable part. According to a few files I found, charges have been made against said club, accusing it of selling drugs for minors. Of course any charges were dropped the day after being made so I'm guessing the youngest Luthor has a way with cops, pretty much like his father did.

But if young Lucas has everything he wants, why would he want to kill Lionel, right? After all, like Lex said, "Lucas isn't interested in the corporate business world". Why then back in Smallville he managed to, in a few days, trick Lex, blackmail Lionel, back stab both and almost kill both of them? I'm not so sure he is as uninterested on the family business as Lex assumes he is.

Why then would he kill Lionel and let Lex have LuthorCorp all for himself? Note how Lex said Lucas sold the majority of his Luthorcorp share to him, not all. I took a look at some public Lexcorp papers and if something happens to Lex, Lucas still gets everything since he is the closest (and probably only) family member.

All that still doesn't really explain why Lex is alive. Remember that bomb that went off on Lex's penthouse two months after Lionel's death? Lex still thinks the bomb and his father's murder are not connected but I still don't believe that. I have nothing to prove the connection but my own theory.

The guy who planted the bomb on the penthouse was found dead on Suicide Slums. We both know Lionel owned most of that area and Lex sold everything but one building after he died. This one building used to hold LuthorCorp labs and was the building Lionel set on fire, killing his parents with the help of his old pal, Morgan Edge back in the 70s. Funny thing is, the small share of LexCorp Lucas Luthor still has is exactly that one building in Suicide Slums. Maybe he ordered his guys to kill the one who planted the bomb? I know this is not enough to say Lucas was connected so here is more:

Lucas Luthor never left Rome and I don't think he'd make contact online or by phone to anyone because being a Luthor, he lives with bugs around him. Lucas LUTHOR never left, Lucas Dunleavy, however, made a two days trip to Gotham exactly 35 days before Lionel was killed. What the hell Gotham has to do with anything? The guy who planted the bomb was from Gotham.

Yeah this is all probably confusing, what I'm trying to say is basically this: Lucas went to Gotham, hired a professional killer to kill Lionel and then Lex. Gave the guy half the money before and told him to meet him at Suicide Slums after the second murder, but when he went there, Lucas' other men were waiting for him not with money, or a gun but with a shot of something the police still can't identify and I'm guessing was made by the scientists on Lucas' branch of LexCorp.

Of course, I have no proofs for any of this. Not yet anyway.
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Catherine from CSI

[Friends Only]

A couple of days ago I was talking to Lex online and somehow, he ended up 'offering' me an interview. There was a price to it, of course I had to agreed to be his sex slave for the next 2 years, no big deal. So yesterday (yes, christmas eve) at 3PM I was at Lex's penthouse.

I can't get into details about what happened during the interview (part of the deal), but I can say that it was possibly the dream of every reporter. An exclusive worthy of a cover of The Daily Planet and possibly a few other important papers. Lex Luthor answered all my questions, which is a rare achievement on its own and my inner reporter is extremely excited.

Some things never change though and it still sucks to be friends with the subjects since I still seem to have no control over my mouth when I'm in reporter mode. Okay fine I never seem to have control over my mouth, whatever.

I texted him last night, hopefully he wont be pissed for too long.

Christmas are always great!
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Catherine from CSI

New LJ.

Yes I got a new one, why? There were a lot a trolls on the old one and it was getting on my nerves. Besides, I wanted a new screen name.

Yes, I can already hear Lois calling me obsessed but my CSI love is there and I can't hide it... ;)

I'm actually at the paper and I need to finish an article and a paper (due tomorrow *groans*) so I better get going. Just created this now because I needed a break.

Will update with more soon, hopefully!
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